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Three Graces 

Deriving inspiration from Botticelli’s iconic Primavera in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, the BirdsNest Gallery's spring exhibition, open from April to June 2023, contemplates the essence of floral femininity, springtime, and rebirth and casts the Three Graces of Greek myth–Aglaea ("Shining"), Euphrosyne ("Joy"), and Thalia  ("Blooming")–as our three featured creatives, in corresponding order: Phoebe Stewart Carter, Elizabeth Blackadder, and Emma Hope Shane. Bringing past and present together in dialogue, Three Graces exhibits the illuminating work of two emerging artists trained at the Florence Academy of Art, Carter and Shane, alongside watercolour pieces by renowned Scottish artist Elizabeth Blackadder (1931-2021), showcasing women artists' multifaceted and meaningful connections to Italy.

Date: 22 April - 18 June 2023

Open from Tue to Sat, 2-6 pm


20 April, 6-8 pm 

Featured Artists:

Emma Hope Shane

Phoebe Stewart Carter

Elizabeth Blackadder

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