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Iain Wilson

After a prolific career as a scientist, Iain Wilson now finds fulfilment in painting. Although he feels there is no direct connection between his vocation and his artistic practice, there is a characteristic precision in his work that suggests otherwise. With a lifelong interest in Japanese culture and art, Iain attended a Kabuki performance in Tokyo in 2007 and returned to Edinburgh inspired to use the kimono as an outline for further artistic exploration. Creating in a studio in the tower of his Edinburgh home, Iain signs his work as Ro-shi (“gent in high building”). As a captivating storyteller, Iain invites viewers on a journey incorporating past and present, fusing imagery from traditional Japan and the bustle of contemporary Tokyo. Inspired by great Japanese artists such as Itchiku Kubota and Tanaka Isson, Iain attains an enchanting fusion between East and West in his paintings, which serve as an ode to Japan.  

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