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Connie Liebschner

Connie Liebschner is a British artist interested in how two-dimensional images can capture immersive spaces by using multiple layers, viewpoints, and opacities. Liebschner studied a BA Fine Art at Loughborough University and later moved to Scotland to study for her master’s degree in Print at Glasgow School of Art, where she combined printing knowledge with more traditional painterly techniques. She has a strong interest in light and the way it shifts, thereby altering a given scene. Her recent series, Memory, beautifully captures different locations around Scotland, including Loch Lomond and the Isle of Mull. Her love of outdoor swimming also infuses her work. She uses translucent layers of chalky gesso, along with glossy inks and acrylics to paint, rub, and scrape, mimicking the contrasting textures of the landscape. Liebschner’s work has been shown in various group shows and solo exhibitions and is now held in private collections in both the UK and Europe. 

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