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Andrew Fitzpatrick

Andrew Fitzpatrick was born in Greenock in 1966. A plentiful supply of paper from his father’s briefcase encouraged his love of drawing even as a small boy. As he grew older, he was inspired by his art teacher, Norman Edgar, to apply to art school. He later attended Glasgow School of Art, first through Saturday morning classes and then for a degree in drawing and painting. Influential tutors were Sandy Gardner and Neil Dallas Brown.

Andrew graduated in 1988, and two Elizabeth Greenshields awards enabled him to travel Europe. In the period after graduating, he began exhibiting, particularly with the Edinburgh Gallery, and he also crafted a solo show in Amsterdam. 

He now works from his studio in Glasgow. After the Glasgow School of Art’s fire in 2014, he began a series of works to preserve what the Mackintosh had been, a place he thought worth remembering.

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