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Small is Beautiful

Small and Affordable Art for Sale

Small is Beautiful is a phrase coined by Leopold Kohr, the German economist. A small body of any kind of work can be an individual powerhouse. In art, it can certainly provide a taste of the work of a brilliant artist at an affordable price. The BirdsNest calls these works "masterpieces in miniature"!

Every work in our Small is Beautiful collection is an original piece with a unique magic. The artists featured include Katherine Cameron, William Crosbie, Heather Nevay, John Houston, Robert MacMillan, Jennifer McRae, David Michie, Brent Millar, Gordon Mitchell, Eduardo Paolozzi, Barbara Rae, Willie Rodger, and more.

Each work will be accompanied by our beautifully-designed BirdsNest tote bag, which is an added bonus. It is ready for you or a loved one to enjoy.

To qualify for this deal, each piece of art must be able to fit into a tote bag. The dimensions of each work are no more than 42 x 37 cm (16.5 x 14.5 in).

Book a visit to the gallery to look at any work, or purchase directly online.

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