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Two upcoming exhibitions - All about landscapes!

16 Nov 2021

We are so delighted to announce our two upcoming exhibitions, "Scenes to Admire!" and "Beautifully Astray". 


Throughout the ages, artists have portrayed the landscape in a real, ideal or subjective manner. The subject has been often used as a poetic metaphor to express their innermost feelings.


There is a wide ranging collection of landscape scenes for you to admire.


Including artworks by:


Patrick William Adam RSA

Neil Dallas Brown RSA

Donald Morrison Buyers RSW

Victoria Crowe OBE RSA RSW

David Gauld RSA

Jake Harvey RSA

Florence Jamieson RSW

James Morrison RSA RSW

Charles MacQueen RSW RGI

Barbara Rae CBE RA 

Madelaine Rachel Wells RBA

Edward Wolfe RA

And more….


All these works will be displayed in the BirdsNest Gallery's Brand Hall and Main Gallery.  


This exhibition features Scottish photographer Colin Sutherland's latest photomontages. 


We are very pleased to present him as our next individual contemporary artist. His latest "Sky" series will be displayed in the Nevermore Corridor, the BirdsNest Gallery.


Colin Andrew Sutherland (1986- ) is an honours graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone is Art, Photography and Contemporary Practices, 2012. As a regular exhibitor in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, he works mainly with Photography in tandem with other mediums. 


His work involves the idea that people never catch up with their imagination. His influences range from the hold that nostalgia has on one's life, to understanding what it is to carve out a genuine identity. In his latest series, he redefines how landscape is conventionally perceived. The works are full of vibrant colour and emotion, incorporating different images from the natural and built environment to great effect.


The above two exhibitions take place in the BirdsNest Gallery.  


Fri 30 Nov, 2021 - 19 Feb, 2022. 

2-6pm, daily from Tue to Sat 

Visits by appointment 



Thu 25 November, 2021 



Southside Edinburgh, EH8


0131 667 5394


Book a visit online

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