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Our baby grand piano has finally arrived

15 Nov 2021

After a long long wait, the BirdsNest's Baby Grand Piano has finally arrived, and is fitting beautifully in our main gallery. 


Our resident musician,  pianist/composer Isha, did us the honour of 'christening' the baby. She performed several classical pieces and three of her own compositions. Her music transfixed all the BirdsNesters who came along to the gallery.


It was such a joyful night!


This is the beginning of many exciting music concerts to come. We look forward to having guest musicians coming to play in the future. 


A "little Renaissance" is happening in Edinburgh. 


Isha will play for the preview of our upcoming exhibitions - "Scenes to Admire"  (in the Brand Hall and the main gallery) and "Colin Sutherland: Beautifully Astray") which is between 5:30pm and 8:30pm on Tuesday, 25 November. If you would like to join the preview, please contact us.

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