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Close Encounters

One of the artists who has greatly inspired MR.J is the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Munch’s intense and evocative paintings, such as ’The Scream’ (1893), are symbols of modern spiritual anguish. Thus, MR.J believes Munch would have adored Edinburgh’s eerie Old Town. 

A distinct feature of the Old Town is its variety of closes, which date back to the medieval era. The closes served as narrow access paths for residents whose homes were tucked away from the Royal Mile. These alleys derived their name from being ‘closed’ at night to protect inhabitants from crime and crowds. There are more than seventy closes housed in the city centre, and each possesses a unique and intriguing history. 

MR.J expertly uses mixed media to nod to Munch’s technique and motifs and emulate the aged colours and textures found in hidden corners of Scotland’s capital. Through his ‘Close Encounters’, MR.J conjures scenes with a sinister and unforgettable atmosphere, akin to those of Munch.

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